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 "I find inspiration in life every day in the movement of air and colors shifting in the light.  Light and shadows working together to create a palette of ever-shifting colors."

Katherine Carleton, whose friends call Katie, is a local Vermont artist who enjoys capturing emotions and releasing them with paints onto a canvas, or in polymer clay, and in many other mediums that best express her visions. Her style varies, from the traditional realism with a painterly style to whimsical humor expressed through illustrations and sculptures, to outdoor installations, using materials found in nature. One of her favorite mediums to work with is polymer clay. Katie creates colorful mobiles made with the clay and glass beads, capturing the whimsies of mermaids or colorful animal characters. 

For as long as she can remember, inspiration has come from her love of the woods and water and the soulful spirits of animals. To nurture the creativity, Katie and her husband, Bradley, have created a beautiful life together in a small town where they can follow their love for the outdoors, and fill their home with beloved pets.

Katherine Carleton

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