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Overseeing an Artist Take Flight is Amazing!

Nothing is more satisfying than helping a younger person become passionate about the arts. Meet Bella, a ten year old artist who exhibited her first work of art at the Rick Levinson Photo Art Gallery in Burlington, Vermont! Standing proudly in a crowd of seasoned local artists, this little lady that stands barely above four feet tall made her way around the gallery, taking in the excitement of a whole new world.

One of the things that I enjoy doing in my studio teaching people, young or old, the fundamentals of art. Being a part of their creative journey feels like a gift. Who wouldn't enjoy that? Fly on, Miss Bella! The world awaits you!

Bella F.

"There's More to Me than You Know"

RLPhoto Gallery 28 Sears Ln

Burlington, Vt 05401

On the left:

Bella was learning how to make her composition interesting by overlapping the flowers and the leaves and varying the sizes to create depth. She also had been studying the art of placing colors strategically so that it draws the viewers eye around the image. Look at her expression!

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